Rite of Transfiguration

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The first two Rites of Passage audio transmissions were a free gift. When you get to Rite 3, the remaining transmissions are offered for a minimal purchase.


The ultimate goal of the Rites of Passage program is to realize our Self as Divine Presence. We are each choosing to undergo this accelerated initiation process in order to experience our greatest human potential in human form while in group coherence.

There is no other directive more important, as this is the key to bringing forth the long-awaited era of peace on Earth.

In the first Rite of Relationship, we established intimate rapport with the all-pervading Divine Presence as the primary focus of our single-pointed attention. We know that divinity is revealed in the eyes of every person we meet and in every form that we see. To put the Presence first in all that we do has become our sole reason for being.

As we progressed through to the second Rite of Divine Will, the vision for everlasting world peace was gently planted in our hearts and minds. In this act of alignment, we experience a more pronounced fusion of our personal will with Divine Will, resulting in a greater knowledge of how we are to accomplish our service roles through the power of Goodwill.

In the Rite of Transfiguration, we initiate deeper processes in the consummation of the human personality, transcending the perceptions of duality and seeing beyond the physical form. This phase of transformation is vital in order to experience further expansion of our consciousness.

To order to sincerely undergo this initiation, we must summon from the depths of our being an intense one-pointedness that allows us to maintain our focus upon the end result coupled with an unwavering willingness to release all that we know is true.

Rite 3 music creation and chanting by Angel Sananda