Rite of Renunciation

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Our initiation of transfiguration, established through the previous Rite, continues with ever increasing vigor as we progress into the deeper phases of personality dissolve.

Up until this moment in time, our evolutionary development has been centered upon the pain of karma.

This constant circling upon the karmic wheel finally comes to an end when we reach the point of truly realizing the self as Divine.

It is during the experience of this revelation that we leave behind all selfishness, suffering and sorrow and enter into a state of natural great peace.

The Rite of Renunciation assists us to relinquish all hold to the personal identity. As we offer ourselves as hollowed instruments to the Divine Presence, free of personality entrapment, we may finally liberate ourselves from the illusion of suffering.

This Rite is perhaps one of the most challenging of all due to the required level of profound surrender in absolute humility.

Rite 4 music creation by Angel Sananda, female singer Chinling Hsu