Rite of Generosity

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Active service in the spirit of generosity is one of the most significant understandings to realizing the Self as part of the benevolent God force.

It is through the Rite of Generosity that we come to realize true selflessness. Every activity, including our thoughts, feelings, words and acts, becomes centered upon service and giving.

It is interesting that this is the Rite that comes just before the pivotal initiation of our enlightened emergence. In this turning point of our evolution, we are motivated by love and love alone to carry out Divine Will upon the Earth.

All of the preceding Rites have helped us to demonstrate our commitment to the appropriate use of personal power through the means of an illumined heart-mind. This initiation prepares us for commanding the manifesting energy of love-wisdom into immediate, charitable action for the greater good of the whole.

It is through generosity that we freely share our truths to assist in the global awakening and humanity’s transition into Unity Consciousness.