Rite of Emergence

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PDF: The Emerging Consciousness of a new Humanity
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Congratulations, you have made it to the final Rite of Passage!

This is the most significant phase in which we set into momentum the actualization of one of, if not THE, greatest goal of our life. This Rite initiates our grand emergence into liberated consciousness.

It delivers the initiation that catapults us into a greatly expanded consciousness, which is prominently characterized by the experience of oneness.

We live life from the Absolute Reality while continuing to serve the fulfillment of the highest potential of all humanity and the new emerging consciousness of the human race.

Commonly referred to as the “resurrection” and the “phoenix rising”, this initiation demonstrates full mastery over the pull of matter. We are no longer swayed by the material world and its illusions of duality.

We have resurrected our consciousness out of matter and into spirit, which frees us from the human programs. Our Soul union process is complete and we are fully merged with and guided by the group consciousness.

Our initiations into this level of expanded consciousness can only be realized when our personal will is completely surrendered to Divine Will and there is unwavering control over the desires of the personality body including the mental and emotional reactions.

This Rite of Passage gives definition to the emerging consciousness of the new humanity and some of its prominent qualifying characteristics.