Rite of Divine Intuition

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r1-engThis first Rite of Passage is designed to set the stage as we establish clarity of vision in the full accomplishment of our goal.

The goal is… living as Divine Presence. This is the state of realizing the truth of one existence and consciously embodying this one consciousness and its purpose as your greatest human potential.

As the foundation to the entire Rites of Passage this initiation centers upon the establishment of our most significant relationship that which we share with the Divine Presence in tandem with the greater knowing that we are this Presence.

In this Rite, we are anchoring into place the all-consuming radiation of light and the containing matrix for this highly transformative group endeavor. What magnetizes this radiation to us is our sincere love for the Divine Presence, and by loving this Presence in our lives with all our heart, with all our mind and with all our soul.

Blessed is the one who falls in love with the Divine, because what is loved is realized.