Rite of Divine Wisdom

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Through these pivotal Rites of Passage, we are realizing an increasing unity with all life and the essential oneness of the Self with all outer reflections. These initiations propel our step-by-step graduation into the great halls of wisdom.

Through this Rite, we are initiating the shift from an intellectual thinking human to an intelligent knowledge-based expression. The basis of this expression is an unfolding inclusiveness, an expanding perception that can vision far beyond the realm of mass human perception.

This is a group initiation that is a silent, steady and very powerful integration set into motion through the one motivating impulse to serve humanity.

It is the assimilation of pure wisdom, which supersedes the intellect through finely tuned sensitivity, intuition and the living of life through the higher mental faculties. It manifests outwardly in the selfless giving of personal energy and resource to the collective endeavor.

This is the initiatory stage when we remember our inherent knowledge. It is then that we serve as conscious knowers and co-creators with Earth’s Divine Plan.