Rite of Divine Will

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Behind all of universal creation is an immanent force of Will which administers it, an invincible power that moves it and a natural law that regulates it.

Everything upon our blessed Earth has always been, and continues to be, perfectly orchestrated through this power of Will.

It is through the Universal Law of Divine Will that what is human is also Divine, and therefore, all humanity is evolving forth in a triumphant return to its Source and the eternal embrace of oneness.

The initiation for this sacred fusion begins now, in this particular Rite, building steadily throughout the entire Rites of Passage as we come to embody the Will of our Creator in greatly expanded levels. This sets into motion a spontaneous rising of our collective consciousness into a fully actualized group embodiment of Divine Will in action here on Earth.

Through this Rite, we invoke the fiery energy from a fused Spiritual Will to provide the neutralizing antidote to its opposing shadow; the tenacious will to divide and separate.

When properly focused, our group power of embodied Will magnetizes the benevolent manifesting forces of Divine Intervention into our every single endeavor.