Rite of Co-Creation

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It is at this moment in our evolution that we develop our abilities to authentically co-create divinely inspired endeavors.

As a result of Soul Union, we may increasingly know and experience ourselves as pure consciousness, living life in a human body while radiating a positive force of energy that naturally affects every person we meet and every creation we desire to bring forth.

This Rite of Passage sets into momentum the greater awareness of “how” we magnetize our new creations while serving as a fully conscious Divine-Human through which the group consciousness is functioning.

We are preparing to walk in the world as a true servant of the Divine Plan while working with a completely different mode of manifestation. Through this initiation, we may develop expanded abilities to wield the power to manifest instantaneously and primarily through thought and feeling alone.

This increase in ability also comes with the knowledge that we, of ourselves, can do nothing. It is the Divine Presence within us that quickens all desired acts of our greater service. When our mind, heart and entire nature is reanimated to spirit first and foremost, our motivations are enlivened with the divine power of co-creation.

Each preceding Rite has brought us to the point where our awareness is now completely focused in the group consciousness. As we become more acutely aware of the divine purpose of our group, we give more of our Self in which to cooperate intelligently.

Our smaller plans and ideas gracefully merge into the greater whole.